GAYATHRI WOMENS HOSTEL, Thrissur, Kerala-Gayathri Womens Hostel

Gayathri Womens Hostel


Welcome to the finest Professional Hostel in the Country

 1. Attendance and movement register is placed in the office and is to be signed regularly.

2. Inamtes are required to maintain silence within the Hostel premises. 

3. Inmates are strictly not to use the bathroom for washing clothes. They may hand over the laundry to the staff, who in turn will get the clothes washed for them, or the inamtes may utilize the washing area at the back of the building. 

4. The management of Gayathri womens hoste will not take any responsibility of any inmate while she is outside the hostel premises. However, in case of any emergency, the inmate is required to intimate the hostel immediately, following whcih, all possible support will be extended by the management. 

5. No dicsount will be provided if the inmate goes on leave/vacation, is absent from the hostel etc. 

6. Hostel fee is to be deposited on the 1st of each month and a receipt of the payment is to be collected from the warden. 

7. The management of the Gayathri womens hostel recserves the right to ask any inmate to vacate, giving them a notice of 30 days. The inmates are also required to give a 30 day notice before vacating the hostel.